The Importance of Fall Alarms on World Parkinson’s Day

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The Advantages of Wireless Fall Alarms for the Elderly

The Importance of Fall Alarms on World Parkinson’s Day

World Parkinson’s Day takes place on the 11th of April every year and April marks Parkinson’s Awareness Month. Parkinson’s disease or PD can be described as a neurological disorder affecting movement that develops gradually over time. The symptoms can include stiffness or the slowing of movement, difficulty with balance and coordination, and problems with speech and writing. Luckily there is support out there in the form of charity groups, online communities and assistive technology. The importance of fall alarms on World Parkinson’s Day cannot be underestimated as it is another form of vital support for loved ones and families.

Parkinson’s is the second most common neurodegenerative condition after Alzheimer’s. There are approximately 15,000 people living with Parkinson’s in Ireland.

Support Services for Parkinsons Disease:

Support for Parkinson’s disease is available through various channels, including healthcare services, nonprofit organisations, and support groups. Here are some resources that individuals and families can access:

  • Parkinson’s Ireland: a charity based organisation that has a range of national and local services throughout the country. Services include a freephone Parkinson’s nurse helpline, online classes and local in-person exercise classes and support groups.
  • Healthcare Services: the healthcare system in Ireland provides medical care and support for individuals with Parkinson’s disease through hospitals, clinics, and specialist services. This may include neurologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists.
  • EOPD: a support group and online community offering support and information to people diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s disease in Ireland. 
  • Move for Parkinson’s: services are centred on improving People with Parkinsons’ understanding of their illness and teaching how to actively self-manage it which can reduce symptoms, enabling a better quality of life.

How can you get involved in World Parkinson’s Day?

5 Common Myths About Elderly Fall Alarms Debunked
  • Join the Insight Conference: this takes place from the 11th to 13th April 2024. It is an online conference where you can join global Parkinson’s specialists on topics across the latest medical advancements, research breakthroughs, mindset, nutrition, movement and caregiving. 
  • Download the toolkit: Parkinson’s Europe has developed a World Parkinson’s Day campaign toolkit to help support individuals and groups planning a campaign for World Parkinson’s Day. It is full of helpful ideas on how to take part.
  • Join the Dopamine Dance Against Parkinsons online: an online campaign taking place from April 3rd to April 11th. It aims to promote connectivity and encourage people with Parkinson’s, their families, friends, and co-workers to dance against PD.

At Isaac Care, we know how important it is to feel safe at home, with or without a neurological disorder. Isaac Care offers a unique blend of technology and care, supporting people to live independently in their own homes, with the Right Care, in the Right Place, At the Right Time.  

Our Isaac Fall Alarm is a smart, easy to use, personal alarm which offers reassurance and peace of mind that your loved one can instantly access help whenever they need it.

Isaac Care was designed to deliver additional quality care, using assistive technology within the home when family carers and homecare cannot be present.   

The Isaac Care App was designed to support family and friends and provide meaningful real time notifications including fall alerts, motion within the home and alerts if health readings fall outside of normal thresholds.  

The Isaac Fall Alarm

Features include:
– Help at the push of a button.
– 24/7 support.
– Personalised Circle of Care App.
– Real-time notifications visible through the Isaac Care app showing GPS location.
– Payment plans that work for you.

The Benefits of Fall Alarms for Parkinson’s:

Fall alarms can be particularly beneficial for individuals with Parkinson’s disease for several reasons:

  • Early Detection of Falls: Parkinson’s disease can affect balance, mobility, and coordination, increasing the risk of falls. Fall alarms can detect when a person has fallen and alert caregivers or emergency services. Early detection can lead to quicker assistance and potentially reduce the severity of injuries.
  • Independence and Confidence: it gives individuals a greater sense of independence and confidence to move around their homes or communities. They may feel reassured knowing that help is available quickly if they experience a fall.
  • Peace of Mind for Caregivers: they provide peace of mind for caregivers and family members who may worry about their loved one’s safety. By having a fall alarm in place, it gives them more confidence about leaving their loved one alone for short periods or overnight.
  • Integration with Support Services: fall alarms can be integrated with support services or monitoring systems, allowing caregivers or emergency services to respond quickly in the event of a fall. This provides an additional layer of support for individuals with Parkinson’s disease and their caregivers.

Take the time this month to show support for a very importance cause and support those with PD all over the world. Fall alarms can play a crucial role in enhancing safety, independence, and peace of mind for individuals with PD and their caregivers by providing timely assistance in the event of a fall. To learn more about how you or a loved one may benefit from having a fall alarm, please get in touch with us today. We would be glad to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

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Isaac Care Supporting Efficient Hospital Discharge

5 tips on finding the right homecare provider
Isaac Care Supporting Efficient Hospital Discharge

Isaac Care Supporting Efficient Hospital Discharge

Delayed discharge refers to the situation where a medical patient is deemed well enough for discharge but they are unable to leave hospital because arrangements for continuing care have not been finalised. There are many reasons for delayed discharge, the most frequent one, impacting over 1,000 patients in 2022, was inadequate supports available to care for them in their homes.

Delayed discharge can occur for a number of different reasons such as:

  • Challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic impacting on the number of transfers of care.
  • Shortage of carers available to provide home support to patients.
  • Patients with complex needs needing the right resources.
  •  Lack of community-based respite support in nursing homes or rehabilitative centres.

There can be many negative effects while discharge is delayed in hospitals, such as:

• Risk and increase in contracting infections.
• Overcrowding.
• An increase in hospital and health system costs from use of high cost hospital beds for care.
• It contributes to patient and family stress.

How Isaac Care Supports Efficient Hospital Discharge

At Isaac Care we believe that people recover better in the comfort of their own home. Our aim is to provide support to our clients to enable them to retain their independence. 

Isaac Care offers wraparound support enabling clients to recover at home post hospital treatment.

This is done through our unique combination of assistive technology along with our network of specially trained care staff, available nationwide. 

The Advantages of Wireless Fall Alarms for the Elderly

When discharged into our care, we step in with a personalised care plan and closely monitor our clients’ health metrics post discharge in order to reduce the chance of readmission to hospital.  Our care partners design a reablement package to support them in getting back to full health. 

Our Partnership with Myhomecare

Isaac Care have partnered with MyHomecare to provide high quality personalised care to each of our clients. Our partnership with MyHomecare means we have highly trained and compliant nursing and support staff available from immediate effect.

Myhomecare are the first homecare company in Ireland to receive an internationally recognised JCI Accreditation in Quality and Patient Safety. They are now part of a prestigious group of healthcare services that hold this achievement which include – Mater Private, Bon Secours, Mount Carmel and Merlin Park.  

The partnership between Myhomecare and Isaac Care means we can provide a complete care solution. Our remote patient monitoring team keep a close eye on our clients’ vital signs within the first three days following discharge. These days are critical for ensuring your loved one stays well. We then step in with a reablement package from MyHomecare to support your loved one in getting back to full health.

This reablement package ensures efficient discharge from stepdown units, an area where an intermediate level of care is provided. When a client is discharged, a care plan is put in place which ensures they receive high quality homecare along with comprehensive remote patient monitoring. This allows us to ensure the risk of readmission is minimal. 

Did You Know?

• There were over 207,000 lost bed days in HSE hospitals last year, due to delayed discharges.

• Over 7,100 patients were medically fit to leave but remained in hospital due to a lack of step-down care.

A rapid community response nurse led team, supported by clinical nurse managers, client care managers and bookings coordinators, allow care to be carried out in the right place, the home. This is done within 24 hours after the client’s hospital assessment has taken place. It enables a speedy discharge from hospital to home, allowing for much needed increased hospital bed capacity. 

We can give clinicians access to clients’ health data, which enables data-driven decision making and helps improve patient outcomes. In turn, this reduces the risk of clients being re-admitted to hospital. At Isaac Care, we ensure the right care is delivered in the right place and at the right time.

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Customer Satisfaction Survey 2022

Customer Satisfaction Survey 2022

After conducting a customer satisfaction survey, we are delighted to announce that a whopping 95% of our customers reported that their Isaac Pendant has given them greater peace of mind. The elements that our customers appreciate most are ease of use, design and quality. Here is what some of our happy customers had to say below:

“If anything happens, I can just press the button and be instantly connected to my two daughters. It’s very fast at connecting.”

“Knowing that it’s there and being able to see that she’s keeping her normal routine is the most valuable thing to us at the minute.”

“I’m not particularly tech savvy and I find it really easy to use.”

At Isaac Care we also appreciate that you want value for money which is why we price our products as keenly as possible. The results speak for themselves as we are rated 4.7 stars out of a possible 5 for value for money!

And did you know that our family caring app is free to download to apple and android devices? Using our app you can be aware of your loved one’s movement and activity without “checking in” as it were. 

Our family caring app has been rated 4.6 stars by our customers and has a range of useful features such as health tracker, calendar and a reminders feature. Check it out today! 

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Isaac Care attends Age Friendly Tipperary

Isaac Care attends Age Friendly Tipperary

The Isaac Care team were delighted to attend the Age Friendly Expo in Tipperary. It was a great event showcasing the wide range of supports available – from assistive technology to local support services and national support services like Alone.

We enjoyed speaking to the other exhibitors and members of the public who stopped by our stand to have a chat about assistive technology and how Isaac Care can help them to remain in their homes safely and independently for as long as possible.

Thank you to all the organisers, exhibitors and speakers on the day!

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Isaac Care part of the HSE Spark Ignite Summit

Isaac Care part of the HSE Spark Ignite Summit

Isaac Care were delighted to be given the opportunity to be part of this incredible event celebrating innovation within the HSE. It was a privilege to be surrounded by people from every discipline who are all focused on improving systems and patient outcomes. We were honoured to hear the speakers on the day and to meet a past winner and maybe some future ones too! Congratulations to the organisers, all those who participated and presented and to the overall winner of Spark Ignite 22 Wee Catch It.

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Isaac Care participates in eHealth Embark Program

Isaac Care participates in eHealth Embark Program

The Isaac Care team participated in the eHealth Embark program with dConnect and AWS. This was an opportunity for Isaac Care and other start-ups developing new digital products or services for the healthcare sector to present and compete to win AWS credits.

Today the eHealth Embark programme concluded with a 5-minute pitch to an excellent board of judges – Martin Curley (HSE), Michael Twomey (HIHI), Joanna Wardzinski (AWS) and Conor O Sullivan (Atlantic Bridge).

We would like to thank everyone from AWS, dConnect, DKIT and the Connected Health and Wellbeing Cluster for organising a fantastic programme. Well done to each of the companies who presented and congratulations to the joint winners Cymantic and Frendo!

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Winners of the Health Innovation Hub Ireland Open Call 2022

Winners of the Health Innovation Hub Ireland Open Call 2022

We are delighted to have been included as one of the winners of the Health Innovation Hub Ireland Open Call 2022.

We are looking forward to working with the HIHI team including Michael Twomey, Jane O Flynn and Tanya Mulcahy in Galway on our project “A Blended Care Model for the Future”. It is a study on the introduction of technology combined with rapid interventions and its impact on Integrated Care. Isaac Care are proud to be at the forefront of innovation in the senior care sector, and are passionate about supporting people to live safely and independently in their own homes.

Well done to all the other winners – xWave Technologies, TIC Ltd, Teleatherapy, Cushla Health, Connected Health Group, Whyze Health, Empeal, Identicare, Kids Speech Labs, HaPPEarth.

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Isaac Care attends the Future Health Summit

Isaac Care attends the Future Health Summit

The Isaac team along with our CEO Declan Murphy attended the Future Health Summit on 18th and 19th May in the RDS.

We were thrilled to have been shortlisted for the innovation award and honoured to have been given the opportunity of a 90 second pitch to industry leaders. The Future Health Summit examined the issues of access, capacity and quality of care within our healthcare system, and we feel that our innovative blend of assistive technology along with remote and personal care can assist. Although we didn’t win on the day, we are excited as to what the future holds for Isaac Care and congratulations to Aidan Boran and Digital Gait Labs!

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Isaac Care Launches The Isaac Pendant, the Future of 24/7 Falls Detection

The Isaac Pendant

Giving you Peace of mind there is Help when you need it, wherever you need it.

Isaac Care are excited to announce that today, September 15th marks the launch of the innovative Isaac Pendant, a GPS enabled fall alarm that offers 24/7 support whenever and wherever it is needed. 

The Isaac Pendant is the next generation of fall alarms. A discreet pendant that allows the user to call for help, whether at home or out and about. The pendant allows for two-way communication through the device itself, and links seamlessly with the Isaac Care app where friends/family members are notified of any alerts and can see the GPS location of the device.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to use: The pendant’s straightforward design is easy to use for all, especially for those with little to no technological knowledge.
  • Mobile: The pendant has no range limit; it works both in the home and when out and about.
  • GPS Location: It is easy to view the GPS location of any fall or SOS through the Isaac Care app where you can apply specific GPS Zones.
  • Two-way communication: In the event of a fall the user can speak to their emergency contacts or our dedicated team directly through the pendant itself.
  • Isaac Care App: The seamless integration with the Isaac care app allows the entire family to be notified of any fall/event, keeping everyone up to date.
  • No Set Up/Installation Required: The pendant is pre-configured so it is ready to use straight out of the box.
  • No landline needed: The pendant has a built-in sim card, meaning there is no need for a landline connection.
  • 24/7 Support: Our team are on hand 24/7 to monitor and respond to alerts.

The Isaac Pendant works seamlessly with the Isaac Care App, a state-of-the-art family caring app which provides families and friends with the tools they need to effectively manage the users’ care from home.  It is an easy-to-use communications platform which allows everyone involved in caring for the user to stay informed and involved in their care, through groups known as “Circles of Care.” 

The Isaac Care app not only sends alerts to the family when a fall or SOS alert is raised, it also features a messaging feature, calendar management feature and a client profile. The Client profile allows the family to record vital signs, medication, and health records and to share this information with a wide group of stakeholders involved in the end users’ care.

Who is this suited for?

The Isaac Pendant allows the family/carers to set up geofencing zones, which alert the relevant people if the person wanders outside of certain areas, making it ideal for people caring for family members with dementia who may be at risk of wandering.

The Isaac Pendant is not just a solution for those deemed to be a “falls risk” however, it is ideal for people of all ages who are concerned about their wellbeing and safety at home or while out and about. We encourage our clients to live independent and active lifestyles, with the peace of mind that the Isaac Pendant and Care platform is there to help them when needed. 

How much does it cost?

There are two pricing plans available:

  • All fall and SOS alerts routed directly to friends/family members for €24.99 monthly 
  • Our trained team on hand 24/7 to monitor and respond to any fall/SOS alert for €34.99 monthly

What do our clients think?

To see what our clients have to say about the pendant, watch the short video linked here.

Where to find out more

To find out more visit our website.

Proud Sponsors of the Smart Health Summit

Isaac are delighted to be a sponsors of the Smart Health Summit and look forward to hearing all about the latest innovations in healthcare technology.

We are also delighted to be showcasing Isaac for the first time.

Interested in learning more about Isaac? Come chat to us at our virtual exhibition stand on the day.