Healthcare Wearable Devices

Health Wearables: From Patient Monitoring to Early Intervention

A healthcare wearable device is a technology-enabled device worn on the body that is designed to monitor, track, and/or provide information about an individual’s health and fitness. Healthcare wearable device Isaac Care can also connect to a smartphone or other device to allow the user to track and analyze their health data, sharing this information with the users primary carer.

Healthcare wearable devices are becoming increasingly popular as a means of monitoring and improving personal health. These devices are designed to be worn on the body and can measure a wide range of factors, such as heart rate, blood pressure, activity level, sleep quality, and more.


Benefits of Wearable Devices for Healthcare

healthcare worker using wearable devices

Wearable devices have the potential to improve healthcare in a number of ways. Some of the benefits include:

  • Continuous monitoring: Wearable devices allow for continuous monitoring of vital signs such as heart rate, sleep patterns, and physical activity. This can provide doctors and patients with valuable insights into a person’s health, giving a clear and accurate picture of someone’s’ health overtime.
  • Early detection of declining: By monitoring vital signs and other indicators, wearable devices can help detect early signs of disease and allow for prompt treatment. Trends of declining health can be spotted early, allowing for rapid interventions allowing  the right care to be delivered at the right time
  • Remote monitoring: Remote patient monitoring allows patients in rural areas to access the same high quality healthcare services as those living in urban areas. With the remote monitoring services the need to travel into clinic is significantly reduced as the patients can get the care they need from the comfort of home.
  • Increased patient engagement: Wearable devices can motivate patients to take an active role in their own health by tracking their progress and providing feedback. Devices such as Isaac Care can bring in empowerment and quality of life as they are healthy and well at home.
  • Cost-effectiveness: When supported by clinical remote monitoring and rapid interventions can help reduce healthcare costs by allowing for earlier and more efficient treatment of diseases. Shifting to a proactive, preventative model of care rather than the traditional reactive model currently in place in most healthcare settings.

Overall, Wearable devices can be useful for remote monitoring and tracking of health statuses, more frequent data collection and less invasively, which is more convenient for patients and can improve health outcomes by enabling more personalized and preventative care.

Isaac Care

Isaac Care is a complete independent living solution, combining compassionate care and cutting-edge technology. Some of Isaac Care’s unique features include:

  1. The Isaac Care App has been designed to support families in caring for their loved ones. It allows for easy communication and brings together information from our assistive devices into one platform, allowing the relevant circles of care to be kept up to date.
  2. We provide a bespoke kit of health monitoring devices which allow our clients to easily keep track of their health and form a graph of their readings over time.
  3. Our next generation fall alarm allows the service user to easily call for help, whether at home or out and about. They have reassurance that our team are there to monitor calls 24/7 and that their family are notified of any fall alert through the Isaac Care app.
  4. Isaac Care offer discreet motion sensors can be placed throughout the home, and provide the family with real time updates on movement within the home. AI technology learns the normal patterns of activity in the home, and can provide insights on changes in these patterns over time.

“It’s a safety thing for my mam, she’s more confident knowing the Isaac technology is there and she’s not afraid. Even though her friends and family are around her every day, it’s for the times when nobody is around that she needs the added support.”

– Primary Carer

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