Living safely and independently at home for longer

Living safely and independently at home for longer

Editorial on Isaac taken from the July/August issue of the Senior Times

We live in an age where most seniors don’t want to move into retirement or nursing homes. In fact, over 93 per cent of seniors say they want to age in the comfort of their own homes. This had led to a growing market in the technology supported care space. It is revolutionising the way people are cared for at home.

Most recently, one of Ireland’s leading home care companies, Myhomecare (a sister company of Servisource), introduced their latest service “Isaac Care” to the market. It focuses on using ambient assistive technology to empower people to live safely and independently at home for longer. Building on over 10 years’ experience in providing high quality homecare services, this unique solution has brought innovative telecare to the Irish market. The solution itself combines a family caring app with a range of assistive technology devices and support services, forming a complete independent living solution. The innovative solution is being rolled out to homes across Ireland, enabling people to effectively manage their own or their loved one’s health, from the comfort of their own home.

The game changer here is the solution is fully supported by MyHomecare. This means they can step in and provide in person care to service users if needed, for as long as needed, until they are back on their feet. This bridges the gap between technology and care, in order to provide a complete solution.

The Isaac Care team design bespoke packages tailored to the individual’s need. Their services include a 24/7 call centre, remote monitoring of vital signs, homecare services, and a first responder service. These services support their technology offering which include smart ambient motion sensors, a GPS enabled falls device called the “Isaac Pendant” and vital monitoring devices including blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, weighing scales and blood glucometers. One of its key strengths are all their devices are fully pre-configured and work straight out of the box with no need for an installation team. Their devices are built with simplicity in mind, so anybody, regardless of their technological capabilities can use them.

All information from their devices is transferred into their user-friendly family caring app, where information can be shared with circles of care. The Isaac Care app allows families to easily manage care through a simple messaging feature, calendar management, and allows each user to input their medical history, meaning all their important information is always on hand and stored in one secure place.

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