Motion Sensor Tags from Isaac Care

Offering a range of easy to use devices to support the individual needs of each client. We offer support for people at risk of falls, those with Dementia, those suffering from chronic conditions including COPD, cardiovascular illnesses and diabetes, adults with disabilities, and older people ageing in palace.

Smart Ambient Motion Sensors

Giving you peace of mind that your loved one is ok, discreet motion tags are placed on objects throughout the house to provide family and carers with updates on the clients’ activity throughout the day. Smart sensor tags are placed on everyday objects, things people use daily, without interfering with everyday living.

Meaningful notifications give families peace of mind that their loved one is up and around for the day, allowing them to check in on the client in a non-intrusive manner. The sensors pick up on movement and temperature, allowing families to ensure that the ambient temperature of their loved ones home is warm enough.

Custom notifications and AI generated insights are pushed to the Isaac Care app. What brings the most value to this offering is the machine learning technology built into the sensors. The smart technology detects a persons’ pattern of daily living over time and provides insights and data on any changes in this pattern over time.

Any activity outside of the ordinary, such as the front door opening in the middle of the night, will be instantly detected by the sensors and a notificaiton is sent to the Isaac app. The sensors detect patterns in behaviour which may flag problems which may not have been otherwise foreseen.

Having this information at your fingertips allows you to check in with loved ones, rather than checking up on them. Allowing conversations to be more meaningful, not filled with questions about whether they have remembered to put the heating on or taken their medication.

Why Choose Isaac Care

Isaac Care offer a complete independent living solution, the Isaac Pendent gives you the confidence to live independently, with peace of mind knowing that help is available when you need it. It is an effective and quick way to get help when you need it, with the press of a button.

  • No landline or internet required
  • No setup or installation fee
  • Easy self installation – works straight out of the box
  • Allows you to call for help whether you’re at home or out and about
  • Contact free delivery straight to your door
  • Packages available to suit your individual needs

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