The Isaac Solution to Patient Centric Independent Living

The Isaac Solution

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Isaac is a complete, patient centric, independent living solution comprising of a remote monitoring service, smart devices and our communications platform

Remote Monitoring

Our clinical team are available to provide 24-hour monitoring and support to our clients.

We monitor our clients vitals and offer a fall alert system.

Providing peace of mind that families will be notified in the event of a fall, and that the client’s overall health is good.

Smart Devices

We can provide our clients with a suite of smart devices, designed to suit their individual needs, including smart vital monitoring devices, and fall detection devices.

We tailor each package to suit the needs of the individual client, with each device connecting back to our centralised hub where it can be monitored by our team.

Isaac App

Our user friendly app encourages and facilitates easy communication through circles of care.

Circles of care are groups of people involved in providing care to the care recipient, putting the end user in the centre of the circle.

The app is designed to be used by both families and the end user themselves.

We encourage our clients to overcome the technology barrier and use the Isaac care app to communicate with their care circles, as well as access websites of interest to them.