Isaac Fall Alarm 24/7 Call Centre Supported

Isaac Fall Alarm – 24/7 Call Centre Supported

With the 24/7 Call Centre Supported package, our dedicated team are on hand to monitor any fall or SOS alerts 24/7, 365 days a year. The call centre operator will speak to the end user directly and escalate the call to the emergency services or emergency contacts where needed.

As soon as an alert is raised the relevant circle of care in the Isaac app will receive a notification through to their phone, showing the GPS location of the alert.

Low Monthly Cost


with a once off payment of €150 upfront

Low Upfront Cost


with no upfront costs

Annual Package (Best Value)


receiving 3 months subscription for FREE



Can be used anywhere, at home and out and about.

GPS Location

Allowing the relevant people to view the GPS location of the device through our family caring app.

SOS Button

Call for help at the touch of a button.

No Setup Required

Ready to use straight out of the box.

Two Way Communication

Communicate directly through the device, with no need to be near the base unit.

No Landline Required

The device has a sim card built in meaning there is no need for a landline connection.