Customer Satisfaction Survey 2022

Customer Satisfaction Survey 2022

After conducting a customer satisfaction survey, we are delighted to announce that a whopping 95% of our customers reported that their Isaac Pendant has given them greater peace of mind. The elements that our customers appreciate most are ease of use, design and quality. Here is what some of our happy customers had to say below:

“If anything happens, I can just press the button and be instantly connected to my two daughters. It’s very fast at connecting.”

“Knowing that it’s there and being able to see that she’s keeping her normal routine is the most valuable thing to us at the minute.”

“I’m not particularly tech savvy and I find it really easy to use.”

At Isaac Care we also appreciate that you want value for money which is why we price our products as keenly as possible. The results speak for themselves as we are rated 4.7 stars out of a possible 5 for value for money!

And did you know that our family caring app is free to download to apple and android devices? Using our app you can be aware of your loved one’s movement and activity without “checking in” as it were. 

Our family caring app has been rated 4.6 stars by our customers and has a range of useful features such as health tracker, calendar and a reminders feature. Check it out today! 

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